The Gift of Children

baby boy child gift girl god Jun 16, 2020

Some people say, “I can’t believe my wife is going to have another baby.”  Others have said, “I wish we didn’t have these little brats around.”  I have heard some people say, “I will be glad when these kids are gone.”  When they are asked questions about having any more children, many people say, “Are you kidding?  No more munchkins for me.”  Every time I hear statements like that, I hurt.  I wish they thought of children like God thinks about them.  “Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.”  God says that children are an heritage and a reward.  Children are wonderful gifts that God gives us.  We have had five precious babies born to families in our church in the past few weeks.  We have eleven children and know that children are great!

When someone doesn’t have the right attitude about children, it is usually hard for the children to turn out right.  When someone realizes they are precious little gifts from God to train for Him, it is amazing the difference in love, care, and concern for them. 


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